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Club Player Casino – Game Selection

With an extensive selection of over 130 of the most top-shelf online casino games, Club Player is one of the leading providers in the industry, ensuring every one of their customers’ tastes is catered for regardless of their experience level. From Slots to Poker, Roulette to Craps, Baccarat and an array of specialty games to indulge in – Club Player makes for a complete gambling haven that persistently churns out the best offers and most lucrative rewards week by week, with a solid and fully optimized platform which can be accessed any time of day, from players all over the world.


Whatever takes your fancy, Club Player host everything you could hope for and more! The best part of it is various facts; you can literally play these games wherever you are, no matter what time. Revel in some classic Roulette, flush away your worries with Video Poker or get lost in a good old game of Baccarat. Club Player boasts the biggest Jackpots you could imagine, available to win across a multitude of grade-A games in various formats such as Seven7Stripes, Fame & Fortune, Asgard, Triton’s Treasure, Cleopatra’s Gold, Roberta’s Castle, Ancient Gods and Panda’s Gold. There’s even a downloadable version of the software for your own PC with a handy ‘Instant Play’ function so you can enjoy your favourite games without the need for an internet connection. With new games being added all the time, you’ll be guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for with Club Player.

Gaining access to your favourite online games has never been easier. The registration process is a piece of the pie and will have you ruling the tables in minutes. Just create a unique username and password, fill in a few personal details and away you go! All games can be accessed via a smart device such as a desktop, tablet or mobile. Simply submit a deposit amount to the cashier (don’t forget to add in your bonus code!), then navigate to a category of your choice and start playing immediately.

All games are fully loaded to the brim with casino pumping fun that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home! Hundreds of fantastic looking, user-friendly variants of all your much-loved favourites such as American, European and French Roulette, Blackjack orients like Suit’Em Up, Match Play 21 and Pontoon as well as a ton of the most exhilarating Poker and specialty Table games can be enjoyed at the touch of a button!

Slots Games at Club Player Casino

Slot machines or rather ‘fruit machines’ have been around since the late 1800s and are still considered one of the most popular games in both virtual and real-life casinos. The game is simple and requires the user to match up a series of symbols such as fruits, numerals, and in some cases even cartoon characters. It’s a game that is more a case of chance as opposed to technical skill, but you can earn some big bonuses from these classic-style games.

If you’re a newcomer to slots, Club Player offers the real deal. Offering a healthy quantity of reel and slot games like Lucky Tiger, Ghost Ship, Lion’s Lair, Prince of Sherwood, High Rollers, Gemtopia, Hockey Hero, Lucky Lightnin, Realm of Riches and plenty more – you’ll be able to discover what it means to play for the big bucks and also learn just how gratifying pulling a few levers can truly be!

For those who are a bit more hardcore and already accustomed to slots; you can submerge yourself in an abyss of fantastically varied games, all of which offer some very attractive bonus schemes and free spins which can be deployed with deposits as low as $50, with astonishingly low wagering requirements.

Blackjack Games at Club Player Casino

Blackjack, Twenty-One or Pontoon is a game in which the banker deals 2 initial cards for him/herself as well as the player(s). Both then have to compete to reach a total of 21 by acquiring more cards, whilst at the same time making a conscious effort to not exceed this figure (or go ‘bust’ to put it simply). The person with the set of cards closest to 21 wins the game.

Blackjack could be considered as one of the most played card games in history; with over 100 different versions documented since it was first introduced in Spain back in the 17th Century. This is why Card Player has taken the necessary steps to make sure their site is one of the first places you go to get your Blackjack fix! Not only can you expect some whopping payouts if you choose your cards right, you’ll also find multiple versions of the game including the European version of Blackjack, you’ll also be able to choose from games such as Face Up 21, Perfect Pairs, Pontoon, Super 21, Match Play 21, Blackjack 21. Meaning whatever style of play you’re more accustomed to, you can be sure to find something that suits you to forgive the pun!

Video Poker Games at Club Player Casino

Poker is another casino favourite that is enjoyed by men and women all over. It comes in a variety of different formats with online casinos but traditionally, the aim of the game is to outsmart your opponents by obtaining the best hand.

Bets are placed and then the player is dealt 5 cards (similar to a five-card draw) and at this point, the player has the opportunity to discard one or more of the cards in exchange for new ones drawn from the same deck. After the draw, the machine pays out if the hand(s) played match one of the winning combinations, in the official paytable. Unlike the real table version of poker, the player may discard all 5 of their original cards if they wish.

Pay tables designate the payouts for hands and based on how uncommon they are, the variation of the game, and the overall decision of the game operator. A typical pay table starts with a minimum hand of a pair of jacks. All the other hand combos in video poker are the same as in table poker, including such hands as two pairs, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush and royal flush. With the multiple variations of Video Poker that CardPlayer has to offer – you can certainly be taking home some huge figures if you play a good hand!

Roulette Games at Club Player Casino

Roulette (or ‘little wheel’ as the French like to call it) is another game of chance where the game operator places a ball in the center of a wheel, and then it is spun vigorously fast in one direction. At this point players will have already put forward their bet (or multiple bets), which are placed according to where the players predict the ball will land. The ball only has the option to land on either a colour i.e. red or black or an odd or even number, in worst-case scenarios the ball could land on 0 – which is technically the only house edge within the game. All bets are automatically null and void if this happens, but if the ball lands on your chosen colour or number, the payouts in roulette can be astronomical.

Card Player host a nice amount of different Roulette variants on their site including American Roulette, European Roulette, French Roulette as well as Multiplayer Roulette. Simply put down a deposit, select your winning number or colour, and then cross your fingers and hope! Roulette is all down to luck and probability – so maybe cross those toes as well if you’re putting any substantial bets down!

Baccarat Games at Club Player Casino

Club Player Casino also features an in-house favourite with baccarat. It is an excellent game to play particularly for beginners. The reason for this is the fact that it has a very low casino advantage for returning and new players alike. Another reason that the game is so appealing is that it requires no skill to play online.

The object of the game is to choose a winning hand, in other words, the hand that gets as close to a value of nine as possible. You cannot “bust” or go over in points like in blackjack, the way to win a bet is to choose if the winning hand will be the banker, the player, or if both hand values are even. If you choose the right hand, you win!

In baccarat, aces count for 1 point, cards 2-9 are designated their face value, and 10s and face cards are worth zero points. If necessary, additional cards are dealt with according to predetermined rules, but players do not need to familiarize themselves with these as the computer online automatically does it for you. The best bet to make is to bet on a banker, which has a 1.06% house edge or to bet on a player, which has a 1.24% edge. Tie bets, although rewarding if you win, have a very high 14.36% house advantage.

Club Player Casino Software and Security

Like all casinos, CardPlayer does not control the result or overall outcome of their games. Technical Systems Testing (TST), is certified and moderated using RealTime Gaming’s ‘Random Number Generator’ (RNG) to ensure each result is fair and entirely random. Who is TST exactly? TST is an internationally recognized accredited testing facility, with a client roster that includes International Game Technology (IGT), Aristocrat, Mikohn and the Michigan, Massachusetts, DC and Ontario Lotteries. All games provided and operated by Card Player must also undergo and pass extensive Quality Assurance testing by engineers to guarantee fairness and accuracy from RealTime Gaming’s Quality Assurance Department before being released to the public.

The Card Player Casino processors use the most sophisticated security software, coupled with the most technically advanced SSL encryption techniques to ensure all of your personal data and details are kept entirely safe, at all costs. Card Player are renowned for their honesty and transparency with every single one of their customers, so you can have peace of mind that whenever you access their services, you’re going to be well looked after in every aspect of your gameplay; not just when it comes down to depositing and withdrawing funds.


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